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Do frozen clams taste good?

September 23, 2021, 21:18, asked: padampetti

Cook frozen clams safely and properly. ... While nothing beats the taste and quality of fresh seafood, frozen clams provide a way for cooks and their families to enjoy clams whenever they want, months after they have been purchased....

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Can clams go bad in the freezer?

September 23, 2021, 16:56, asked: Janiya Iliana

How long do raw clams last in the freezer? Properly stored, they will maintain best quality for about 2 to 3 months, but will remain safe beyond that time. The freezer time shown is for best quality only - clams that have been kept constantly frozen at 0°F will keep safe indefinitely....

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Does freezing clams kill them?

September 22, 2021, 18:49, asked: Andrew Lultschik 🇨🇦 Fishing

Frozen clams will last up to 3 months at 0 degrees F. Thaw frozen clams in the refrigerator before using, and never refreeze them. While is not always the best, in this case their information passes the gut test. Frozen clams certainly would be killed, and so wouldn't open upon steaming....

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Why do frozen clams open when thawed?

September 22, 2021, 13:10, asked: Breaking Bass

The rule about shells opening applies to fresh shellfish, which are alive before you cook them. Your clams are long past alive and will be fine to cook with. Open shells mean that they are dead, which you already knew since they were frozen....

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How long can you freeze clams in their shell?

September 22, 2021, 06:49, asked: Leonid Koyler

Frozen clam meat and clams in shells can stay fresh for up to three months in the freezer. Live clams should be cooked within three days. Make sure that the shells are closed. Opened shells mean that clams are dead and should be tossed....

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Can razor clams make you sick?

September 21, 2021, 16:23, asked: Moha Semail

Usually, the clam's not poisonous: Humans and wildlife both enjoy its “particularly delicious” flesh. But under certain conditions, the clam's flesh harbors domoic acid, causing diarrhea, amnesia, and even death. The conditions that turn this savory clam toxic are becoming more widespread—and we humans are to blame....

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Is it legal to use salt to catch razor clams?

September 20, 2021, 10:04, asked: Nicolas Leduc

Razor clamming by salting is currently unrestricted except that clammers must have a license....

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Should you soak clams in salt water?

September 18, 2021, 12:39, asked: David Deuble

Soak your clams for 20 minutes in fresh water just before cooking. As the clams breathe they filter water. When the fresh water is filtered, the clam pushes salt water and sand out of their shells. After 20 minutes, the clams will have cleaned themselves of much of the salt and sand they have collected....

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How do you know if raw clams are bad?

September 16, 2021, 17:53, asked: Michael Lindner

Gently tap any open clams on the counter and see if they close. If they remain open, discard. If using soft shell clams (which won't fully close), tap or touch the side of the shell and/or siphon to check for movement. If the clam doesn't respond to the stimulus, it has perished and should be discarded....

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Does clam like salt?

September 15, 2021, 02:03, asked: The Official Apparel Of Musky

Even though the clam isn't eating the salt, it is moving the salt that sticks to its goopy foot into its shell thereby seasoning itself. Courtesy of 2. This self-seasoning process may not be entirely ethical....

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